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Head Hunting:
the Head Hunters of MF Consultant

MF Consultant offers a service Headhunting & Executive Search highly specialized for personnel search and selection. Trust our expert head hunters to find the right candidates for your company and achieve your growth objectives, we have already been chosen by some of the best companies in Italy. Our head hunting company works with companies based throughout Italy, if you are looking for a qualified head hunter on Rome or Milan please contact us.

Personnel search for Top-Middle Management:
CEO, General Manager, CFO, Sales & Marketing Director, COO, Supply Chain Manager, Plant Manager, Purchasing Director, Production Director, Creative Director and Human Resources Director.

Middle Management personnel search:

Area Manager, Business Development Manager, Brand Manager, Retail Manager, Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Production and Manufacturing Manager, Maintenance Manager, Planning Manager, Purchasing/Buyer Manager, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Quality Manager, Plant Quality Manager, R&D Manager, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Administrative Manager and Management Control Manager, E-Commerce Manager.

The MF Consultant Head Hunting procedure:

  1. Definition of research objectives, reference market and reference sector.

  2. Direct search and contact with the possible candidate.

  3. Analysis of opportunities and motivations.

  4. Presentation of suitable profiles.

  5. Analysis of potential development paths.


Times arevariables. They can range from a couple of weeks, from the start of the search to the presentation of a shortlist of candidates, to longer times for more specialized figures.


We only work with the formula for success, without exclusivity and without management costs. We like to be free and work with companies that choose us because they are happy with our results and not because they are bound by a contract.


We work as head hunters onthe entire national territory, both in Rome and Milan, with headquarters in Ferrara.

Riunione delle prestazioni

The Services of the Head Hunting MF Consultant company

Welcome to the world of head hunting MF Consultant, where the art of finding and selecting the right staff for your company is our specialty. As headhunters, we are experts in finding the best talent for your business needs, come on more junior profiles to the Top Managers. We are one of the best head hunting companies in Italy and we are ready to help you find the best talent for your company.  We only work with the formula for success, without exclusivity and without management costs. 

Head Hunting:
Meaning and Importance

What is head hunting? Head hunting, or rather talent hunt, is an activity that requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the job market. Our head hunters are highly qualified professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the sector in which they operate and who are able to identify the right candidates for each open position.

What is head hunting for? Head hunting has become one of the best solutions for companies who are looking for the right staff to grow and prosper.

Who is the Head Hunter and what does he do?

The headhunter, also known as an executive recruiter or headhunter, is a professional specialized in recruiting highly qualified candidates for high-level or strategically important positions within an organization. Their activity focuses mainly on leadership, managerial or specialist roles that require specific skills and significant experience.

Headhunters play a crucial role in the job market, acting as intermediaries between companies looking for high-caliber talent and candidates who may be suitable for those roles. They are committed to searching, identifying, approaching and selecting candidates who meet the specific needs of the client company. The head hunter often uses an extensive network of professional contacts, as well as in-depth research tools, to identify candidates who may not be actively looking for work but who may be interested in challenging, high-paying opportunities.

Furthermore, the head hunter plays a key role in management of the recruitment process, facilitating communication between the company and the candidate, managing interviews and negotiating the job offer. Since they work on high-level positions, their expertise and discretion are crucial to ensuring the success of the selection process.

Personnel Search and Selection

Our personnel search and selection company, MF Consultant, offers a wide range of head hunting services, from recruiting high-level candidates for management positions, to job search for professionals who are looking for new opportunities. Our personalized approach to personnel research and selection allows us to offer solutions HR outsourcing tailored to the needs of each company.

Head Hunting and Executive Search: Search and Selection of Top Managers

The service of Executive Search offered by MF Consultant is one of the most professional and reliable on the market. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of research, selection and evaluation of the best Top Managers and high profile professionals, we are able to find the executives best suited to our clients' needs, ensuring geographical coverage at a national and international level. Our head hunting methodology is based on the detailed analysis of the characteristics requested by our client and on the targeted search for the most suitable candidates.


We also make use of a consolidated network of contacts in the world of work, which allows us to identify highly qualified figures even in specific and niche sectors. Our team of consultants is highly specialized in the selection of executive profiles, managers, middle managers, directors and top managers in all product sectors, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics and trends of the labor market. Our attention focused on the customer and on the valorization of people allows us to offer a very high level and long-term service.

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