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Business Plan

International Head Hunting: search for personnel abroad

MF Consultant is an international Head Hunting company

We are a leading company in the Head hunting, counting us among the most important and historic realities in the Italian panorama. Our expertise is concentrated both in search and selection of Executives and Managers both in the search for more junior figures, operating both at a national and international level.

Our main commitment is to contribute to the lasting success of companies by identifying and selecting resources with high potential who are in tune with the culture and values of our prestigious Clients. We offer a tailor-made service, working in close collaboration with each customer to guarantee the highest quality in the processes and results obtained.

Our customer focus is central to our approach, and integrates perfectly with our specializations in practices and industries. This allows us to maximize the value of the skills of our professionals, creating a unique combination that guarantees excellence and long-term success.

Our international Head Hunting and Executive Search services

Personnel search for Top-Middle Management:
CEO, General Manager, CFO, Sales & Marketing Director, COO, Supply Chain Manager, Plant Manager, Purchasing Director, Production Director, Creative Director and Human Resources Director.

Middle Management personnel search:

Area Manager, Business Development Manager, Brand Manager, Retail Manager, Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Production and Manufacturing Manager, Maintenance Manager, Planning Manager, Purchasing/Buyer Manager, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Quality Manager, Plant Quality Manager, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, Administrative Manager and Management Control Manager, E-Commerce Manager.

The MF Consultant Head Hunting procedure:

  1. Definition of research objectives, reference market and reference sector.

  2. Direct search and contact with the possible candidate.

  3. Analysis of opportunities and motivations.

  4. Presentation of suitable profiles.

  5. Analysis of potential development paths.


Times arevariables. They can range from a couple of weeks, from the start of the search to the presentation of a shortlist of candidates, to longer times for more specialized figures.


We only work with the formula for success, without exclusivity and without management costs. We like to be free and work with companies that choose us because they are happy with our results and not because they are bound by a contract.


We work as head hunters onthe entire national  and  european international territory, both in Rome and Milan, with headquarters in Ferrara.

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