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Higher education courses in human resources 

Our Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology of advanced training courses in human resources MF Business School it will be like blended learning with a strong experiential emphasis, enriched by practical activities such as group exercises, simulations on company cases and project work.

All this will guarantee participants the fast learning of the fundamental concepts, to internalize the processes and methods learned in order to reapply them in the practice of a future job.

Courses starting in 2024

Working together

MF Business School: Higher Education Courses in Human Resources

HR Manager Course

The HR Manager course It is aimed at those who wish to acquire the necessary skills to become human resources managers within the company. During the course, participants will learn to manage staff effectively, create and implement HR policies, define team professional development goals and evaluate employee performance. The course also includes a focus on recruiting and personnel selection techniques.

HR Business Partner Course

The HR Business Partner course is designed for those who wish to specialize in managing relationships between the human resources area and corporate business. During the course, participants will learn to identify business needs in the HR field, to develop and implement HR strategies in line with company objectives, to manage relationships between HR and other company functions and to evaluate the impact of HR policies on organizational performance. The course also includes a focus on HR data analysis and organizational change management.

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