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Corporate Welfare:
Time 4 People, our program for companies

MF Consultant via the programTime 4 People offers corporate welfare services to his client companies who want to increase the satisfaction of their employees. Corporate welfare is a set of policies, programs and benefits offered by companies to employees to improve their quality of life, well-being and job satisfaction. Among the services we offer may be professional training and development services, counseling and wellness programs, career coaching for employees' children and much more. L'objective of corporate welfare is to create a healthier, happier and more productive work environment, increase employee motivation and reduce company turnover. Continue reading and find out how we can be by your side.

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Attention to people means having their well-being at heart and being at their side, not only in the work context.For this reason, we have developed, for our partner companies,three corporate welfare packages dedicated to:


Support for new parents

Group/individual counseling meetings to accompany the new parent during the delicate transition towards his new role.

Support for new parents

Corporate counseling to support the transformation from single to parenthood:

  • Accompaniment for new parenthood: Pre/post-partum emotional preparation meetings and phases of the child's cognitive behavioral development

  • Preparation during pregnancy (new emotions) for managing relationships and communication with your partner, family and colleagues

  • Waiting, being "Here and Now" and preparing for changes in the body, context and habits

Home school management and smart working:

  • The new ways of working


Parenting support meetings:

  • Drawing emotions: Graphic expression and self-knowledge

  • Structuring and inventing new physical and mental spaces and rhythms

  • Sleep regulation in early childhood

  • A Secure Base in Early Childhood: Practical suggestions starting from Bowlby's thoughts

  • When children don't obey us: Mutual listening as an educational practice

  • Tantrums and emotions: How to manage "the adolescence of children"

  • Amazement and wonder: How to raise children who are passionate and eager to learn

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying: the role of parents

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Professional orientation for employees' children

Professional orientation and career coaching program for children of employees, undergraduates or recent graduates, who are entering the world of work. From writing your CV to simulating an interview.

Professional orientation for employees' children

Family caregiver

Individual counseling meetings to accompany the management of emotions and strengthen the level of awareness of one's role as family caregiver. We take care of those who take care of their family members and more!

Family caregiver

A family caregiver is an individual who cares for a member of their family who needs assistance due to illness, disability or advanced age. The family caregiver often takes on the responsibility of caring for an elderly or disabled family member full-time, dedicating significant time, energy and resources to meet their daily needs.


An employee who holds the role of caregiver will therefore need services such as:


  • Individual counseling meetings to help manage emotions and the burden of responsibility

  • Management of time and priorities: Family of origin, Current family, Work

  • Awareness of role and potential


MF Consultant is a partnerJointly for Corporate Wellbeing. 

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