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MF Business School:

our Professional Training Courses for workers and students

Updating knowledge and learning new skills are key factors in dealing with the complexity of the world of work.  The Training Courses which proposes the MF Business School they are suitable for everyone: undergraduates and/or recent graduates, people already in the world of work or unemployed, as long as they have previously gained significant work experience.

The training courses provided by the MF Business School range from advanced training courses for Human Resources, the company's core business MF Consultant, to the professional in-depth courses and of foreign language courses.

The proposed teaching formula, flexible in modulating the timetable of activities, was designed specifically to make participation possible for those who work.

Courses starting in 2024

MF Business School:
all our professional training courses for work

Higher managerial training courses in Human Resources 

The MF Business School of MF Consultant offers Higher education courses to become HR Business Partner And HR Manager in blended mode with particular focus on interaction and sharing between participants. These courses are held by our human resources experts and professionals from the best companies in Italy, for this reason they are specifically designed for those who are already in the world of work and want to improve their current position.  Part-time or full-time attendance is expected on a weekend basis. 

​MF Consultant also offers Professional in-depth courses in on demand mode for those who want to increase their skills and knowledge in specific sectors, but have little time available. These courses include both courses relating to human resources, but less complex than higher education courses, and professional courses relating to other skills required by the world of work. These courses are suitable for everyone: workers, unemployed and students.


Here are the professional courses currently provided by MF Consultant:

  • Conscious Communication Course

  • Human Resources Empowerment Course

  • Active Listening and Empathic Feedback Course

  • Executive Assistant Course

  • Communication Techniques and Conflict Management Course

  • Body Reading Course in a Psychosomatic Key

  • Digital Communication Course

  • Personnel Search and Selection Course

  • Course to Become a Corporate Mentor

Professional foreign language courses

The MF Business School also delivers professional foreign language courses. We believe that the key to professional success lies in the mastery of foreign languages. We offer intensive and personalized courses that allow professionals to acquire solid language skills applicable to the working context. Whether you're looking to improve your business communication in English, to expand your career opportunities in Germany with German, or to develop trade relations in Türkiye with the Turkish, MF Consultant has the perfect course for you.

Professional in-depth courses

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