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Career Coaching: Career Consulting

The world of work is constantly evolving and navigating the opportunities and challenges can often be complex. In this context, career coaching becomes a precious ally for all those professionals who want to change jobs or improve their professional career, but also for those who are entering the world of work for the first time or intend to re-enter after a period of work stoppage.

There MF Consultant, among its services for professionals, offers a individual and personalized career coaching service highly professional, composed as follows:


6 meetings of lasting approximately 1 hour, to be carried out online (on the platformTeams) with a time frequency of 3 times a week and for a total of 2 months. The calendar of meetings will be agreed later in based on availability of the tutor and the participant.



You will be assigned a personal career advisoronal who will accompany you for the entire Career period Individual coaching. The path will be structured in two different moments, one Online and the other Offline.


The online meetings will follow this methodology:


  1. Information collection– drafting of all the technical and transversal information useful for building a career path

  2. Drafting the CV writing a professional  cv and administration of aptitude/behavioural tests for the assessment of internal and external skills

  3. Creation of Social Profile – opening and building a professional social profile and starting a web reputation

  4. Identification of companies – active search for target companies and identification of strategic profiles

  5. Preparation and simulation – preparation and simulation of professional interviews and interviews

  6. Active search – active search for adverts and companies in line with the participant's wishes and application as an application

Offline meetings will follow this methodology:


  1. Between one meeting and another the participant will have the task of preparing, studying and compensating the skills necessary to achieve the desired objective.

  2. From time to time the tutor will assign tasks and/or material to study to the participant who will have to return it at the next meeting or on a date agreed with the tutor. 

What is the meaning of Career Coaching?

Career Coaching is a personalized path in which, supported by professionals specialized in career guidance, you have the opportunity to explore and map your skills, identify areas of strength and improvement, identify skills and explore personal aspirations to define a action plan suitable for achieving your career goals.

What is Career Coaching for? When is it recommended?

The current employment landscape has become extremely dynamic: mass resignations, the so-called war for talent and, again, the birth of new professions linked, for example, to digital, AI, the green and new economy have brought about a transformation significant to the labor market, which has become more dynamic and often unpredictable.


In this scenario, career coaching constitutes a valid support and a compass in different moments and phases of one's professional life, proving suitable for:

  • New graduates who want to make informed choices before entering the world of work;

  • Professionals, with medium or high seniority, determined to renew their career path, to undertake a career in different fields or sectors or to find your dream job;

  • Junior professionals who want to outline a clear path right from the start and be aware of their areas of strength and improvement;

  • People looking for job reintegration opportunities.

What does this service consist of?

Career coaching is a individual professional service in which, supported by your career coach, typically after an interview and with the help of targeted tests and work sessions, a personal plan is defined that is functional to your individual career goals.

In concrete terms, the career coaching path offers the possibility of:

  • Define clear and realistic objectives, based on experiences, short and long-term ambitions and personal characteristics;

  • Map current skills and define a training functional to the objectives;

  • Work on key skills such as effective communication, leadership, time management and other skills that will make you a more well-rounded professional;

  • Structure your own CV And Linkedin profile effectively;

  • Train your self-narration skills, for a job interview winning;

  • Explore the professional areas of your interest and network and actively search for jobs.

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