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Our values



This for us is non-negotiable. In the field of human resources, respect means taking others into account in theirs individual differences, without trying to manipulate them and without expecting the other to behave differently than they are. Respect is realizing that every person has the right to be exactly what they choose to be, in full awareness of one's own value and dignity. 


"If you don't trust you can't trust", this is why we work every day to ensure that our consultancy relationship with the professional and with the company is based on trust. Our goal is to build solid and long-lasting relationships with the people who rely on us, based on these transparency And mutual trust. For us, being able to instill trust means stimulating in others the willingness to be guided and emotions such as esteem, recognition and understanding. 

Fists in Solidarity
Business workers talking

I listen

When we are in front of the interlocutor we like to ask open questions and we like even more to listen to what is said but also what is not said. We are very careful about grasp the needs declared but also the perceived resources. We like to listen, like an explorer: moved by curiosity, without being able to know in advance where the debate will take us, but this does not stop us, on the contrary it stimulates us. In our work we love paradox, irony, lightness, we are capable of always putting our interlocutor at ease, regardless of role and prestige. We all listen in the same way and with the same importance.   

Our contribution to the 2030 Agenda 

Agenda 2030 health and well-being
Agenda 2030 quality education
Agenda 2030 gender equality
Agenda 2030 decent work and economic growth
Agenda 2030 reduce inequalities

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MF Consultant: HR consultancy, human resources management and training

MF Consultant: Who we are

MF Consultant was born in 2015, a human resources consultancy company specializing in Headhunting, Executive Search, services HR outsourcingCorporate Welfare and Management training. We are a strong team and fresh of breath with a single code of ethics: we strongly believe in the human value of company resources and work daily with respect for the parties and actors in the field.

We like to accompany resources human and their professional and personal growth, through the activity of business & career coachingcounseling and mentoring.

MF Consultant: All our human resources services

MF Consultant offers both services for companies that services for professionals. Thanks to the profitable partnerships we have created over time with our client companies, we are active also with services of RPOtalent managemententadministrative and HR Development.

With our training services, we support partner companies and offer professional training to manager. There MF Business School offers Higher education courses for the management of human resources in the sector HR Business Partner And HR Manager, as well as Professional in-depth courses. If you are passionate and work in administration, take advantage of our refresher courses in payroll, compensation & benefits; negotiation and constructive criticism; conflict management. Furthermore, for future recruiters or those who already work in the HR field we offer active listening and empathetic feedback courses; social recruiting and web reputation. For managers we offer professional refresher courses in leadership, time management, proactive communication techniques, diversity management, empowerment and team management.

Corporate Building

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