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Talent Management

TheTalent Management it is an increasingly important practice in the world of work and the MF Consultant provides companies with a complete service to better manage the talent of their collaborators.

MF Consultant's Talent Management service is made up of a team of experts who offer support to companies in all phases of the talent management process. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge tools, knowledge of the labor market and the technical and relational skills of our professionals, we guarantee our customers a very high level of service and maximum support to develop and enhance the talent of its collaborators.

What is Talent Management?

TheTalent Management is the set of activities and strategies aimed at managing talent within organizations. It is a continuous process that starts from the selection of candidates, passes through the training and employee development and leads to their loyalty and retention. The objective is to have a highly trained, motivated and committed team, capable of contributing to the achievement of the company's results. The MF Consultant, among its services or HR outsourcing, also offers Talent Management.

What does the Talent Manager do?

TheTalent Manager is the professional who deals with all Talent Management activities within organizations. It deals with the selection of candidates, their inclusion in the company and their training and development, supervises their career path and deals with performance and retention management. Furthermore, the Talent Manager has the task of identifying emerging talents within the organization and promoting their development, thus ensuring constant growth and a competitive advantage for the company.

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