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For professionals

There MF Consultant offers a wide range of Professional & Business Coaching, Career Coaching and Work Orientation, Individual Counseling and personal growth, to help companies and freelancers better manage their activities.  MF Consultant is committed to providing customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of its customers, guaranteeing a professional and high quality service.

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Online counselling

Professional & Business Coaching

Find yourself and transform your goals

The success and happiness are before us: we just need to know how to activate and direct our vital energy in the right direction because it is from how we interact with the universe that we obtain certain results.

Despite this, most of us are victims of habit and aware of only a small part of the reality that surrounds us, often not even the best.
We will accompany you in identify and enhance your talents, improve their skills and identify strategies most appropriate to achieve your goals. You will thus come into possession of the tools that will allow you to "make ends meet" in your life.

targeted growth project with specific goals that will facilitate change through a generative path.

You will take the control of your life in tune with who you really are.

Coaching addresses entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, athletes and to all those who wish improve your performance, achieving particularly challenging objectives. 

Professonal & Business
Career e Orientamento

Orientation interview, Career Coaching and job search

Business Meeting

You are in looking for a job? Through an interview and with the help of targeted tests we can support you in identifying your needs and professional goals. 

We will analyze together:

  • The course of study and any professional experiences

  • technical skills and soft skills

  • the personal characteristics

  • the resources available and resources to be sought, those declared and those intuited

  • The job market more suitable for you

We'll show you how you can increase yours professional network and how to make the active online search for yours profitable ideal job. We will support you in CV drafting and a cover letter functional to your profile, including a presentation video. We will prepare you for a winning job interview, both online and offline.

Counseling Indivdule
Working out

Individual counseling and personal growth

Individual counseling is a supportive interpersonal relationship, in which a counselor helps you find solutions on specific problems of a non-psychopathological nature and to make decisions. 
As a relationship expert, the counselor accompanies you in a process of 
exploration and clarification through specific relational skills and techniques based on listening, acceptance, empathic understanding and mirroring.  
You will thus be able to discover and clarify the terms of your problem, unlock your 
power, positively deal with existential crisis situations, improve interpersonal relationships, implement your personal resources, promote and develop awareness of who you are, your needs and your potential.
A counseling process can be addressed to 
individual person as well as a group or organization.

Concrete Wall

Method of use

We can agree together on the method most in line with your needs. Usually it is a short route lasting a maximum of 10 meetings of approximately 1 hour each.

You can decide whether to do it person oronline.

Corporate Building

Are you a professional?

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What our customers say about us:

The course contents were exhaustive and full of practical examples to use in the field. I really liked it and my company should bring it back every year, adding extra content. Because non-verbal language is unconscious and innate and would help salespeople and consultants stay focused on observing the customer.

—  Antonio
Financial advisor

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