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HR Manager Course

Our Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology of the course to become HR Manager from the MF Business School it will be like blended learning with a strong experiential emphasis, enriched by practical activities such as group exercises, simulations on company cases and project work.

The HR Manager online course provides students with the conceptual and procedural tools necessary to reinvent the human resources management function. You will discover how to create an HR and people strategy and how to work in accordance with strategic priorities. You will understand how to control HR procedures in line with company policy and how to focus on objectives by relating authentically.

All this will guarantee participants the fast learning of the fundamental concepts, to internalize the processes and methods learned in order to reapply them in the practice of a future job. The course is provided by MF Consultant, a company specializing in human resources and which has collaborated for years with some of the best Italian companies.

High Course Training

HR Manager

2024 editions Start Date:

Date to be defined
HR Manager Course

The HR Manager is the human resources manager: he deals with the management, selection, training and development of a company's personnel, reporting to the HR Director or company management.


He takes care of the research process and personnel selection, discussing with the company's top management to define the needs for new employees and the profile of the figures sought.


Collaborating with personnel administration workers, in addition to supervising and guaranteeing the regular payroll cycle and related obligations, the HR manager takes care of trade union relations and coordinates career advancement and resignation and dismissal procedures.


An HR Manager manages human capital at its best, encouraging paths of change in the company organisation, always in line with the development and evolution of trends in the world of work.

The activities of the HR Manager include:

  • The development of the staff development plan in order to enhance the skills of resources, organize training and training courses.

  • The evaluation of staff by checking their performance and planning interventions aimed at improving the work performance of employees, also questioning them on the level of satisfaction in the company.

  • Making workers participate in the company culture, essential for retaining employees over time, thus limiting turnover.

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