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Human Resources Empowerment Course

IMPROVEMENT - The human value of company resources

Human Resources Empowerment Course

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What characteristics should the working environment have to promote the well-being of all the actors involved, to reduce dissatisfaction, fatigue, overload, health risks and stress?

How can we guarantee equity, justice and transparency in the distribution of benefits in the workplace?

How can we encourage the realization of the individual aspirations of each of our collaborators and the full use of everyone's cognitive, emotional and motivational resources?

How do you manage complexities in the workplace? 

How to face and govern the epochal changes that are transforming work? (manage activities within a specific space/workplace and remote activities).

The human resources empowerment course allows participants to encourage both the maximum well-being for employees, be the maximum benefit for the organizationwho they work for. It aims to improve psychological conditions, motivation and relationships with role interlocutors, with the company and with the work environment in general; the participants in this professional in-depth course they will be able to plan the development of internal careers, identify the right staff training, improve the productivity conditions of collaborators, master personnel management processes, selection, evaluation and professional training processes, know the dynamics of communication and motivation at work.


  • The five Olympic rings of a company

  • Human resources imperatives: “the 4 Rs”

  • Empowerment or decision-making delegation: the process of trust

  • Imagination and vision

  • Workgroup management

  • The value of human resources

  • Selection process

  • Research means and channels

  • Staff development

  • The evaluation

Duration: 8 total hours divided into 2 meetings of 4 hours each


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions and the use of practical examples on real situations aimed at providing instructions for use on the behaviors to be followed to strengthen balance and dissolve fears and concerns of customers and colleagues.

The virtual classroom will also allow the use of instant feedback to better involve and motivate users.

At the end of the course you will be issued a Certificate of ParticipationAnd.


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