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Course to Become a Corporate Mentor

Grow collaborators and give value and space to potential

Course to Become a Corporate Mentor

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Corporate Mentoring is an innovative managerial technique that is fundamental for managers and managers. The course to become a Corporate Mentor it is therefore a training course of great value for those who want to make their experience and skills available to support the professional and personal development of workers within companies. The mentor can be defined as a tutor or an expert consultant, who provides his contribution through dialogue and moral and technical support to his students, with the aim of promoting their professional and personal growth and helping them achieve their goals .

The course to become a Corporate Mentor includes a series of training modulesranging from the development of communication and relational skills, to knowledge of company dynamics, up to the acquisition of coaching and mentoring techniques. The corporate mentor must in fact be able to listen, understand the needs of his students and provide them with the right indications and solutions to overcome difficulties and achieve their objectives.c

Furthermore, the course includes an in-depth study of the issues relating to active listening, feedback, direct communication and assertiveness, with the aim of providing the mentor with the skills necessary to guide and support his students in achieving their goals. and those of the company. This in-depth course it is therefore an opportunity for personal and professional growth for those who want to make their skills available for the good of others and for the success of the companies in which they work.


  • The value of leadership and human resources – awareness and mindset

  • Knowing – Knowing how to do – Knowing how to be a Manager

  • The power of the word and active listening

  • Proactive Communication – Feedback and Constructive Criticism

  • Body language and mirroring techniques

  • Emotion management and non-verbal communication

  • Empowerment and decision-making delegation: the trust process and Golden Circle

  • Color profile and behavioral attitudes of the team

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills

  • Inclusive Leadership tools: Leadership Matrix and Target Agreement


Duration: 24 hours in total divided into 6 meetings of 4 hours each


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions and the use of practical examples on real situations aimed at providing instructions for use on the behaviors to be followed to strengthen balance and dissolve fears and concerns of customers and colleagues.

The virtual classroom will also allow the use of instant feedback to better involve and motivate users.

At the end of the course you will be issued aCertificate of attendance recognized byFedermanager.


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