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Soft Skills course

Soft skills as a key factor for professional success

Soft Skills course

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The training course values the importance of the transversal skills in the world of work and in the valorisation of human resources.

While it's been known that human resources represent the crucial factor for success in enterprises, only from the last decade has been matured the awareness that the main value that people bring to the enterprises where they work is their competences.

Among these, in particolar, unavoidable are the transversal skills, so defined for their power of resulting significant in different business context. In other words after a period of big emphasis on the professional skills that brought to design the curricula focused on the knowledge and technical abilities, with few concessions in english and IT later, since a few years it's being underlined the importance of those skills that are on the base of the possibility of working with effectiveness di lavorare con efficacia regardless your own qualification. 

It deals with decisive skills as enablers to the discovery and analysis of problems, to the collaborative relationship with others, to the innovation, in sommary of the attitudes and behaviors that make the differences when it comes to express effective performances in real work contexts.   


  • Soft Skills : organizational and strategic

    • Organization and Planning ​

    • Time Management

    • Strategic vision/Holistic vision

    • Flexibility

    • Problem Solving

    • Pragmatism/Concreteness

  • Relational Soft Skill

    • Relational Intelligence

    • Team Work/Cooperate

    • Leadeship

    • Networking

    • Negotiation

    • Conflict management

  • Soft Skills of thought

    • Speed of thought and action

    • Decision-making ability

    • Ability to simplify and synthesize

    • Multi-disciplinary thinking

    • Open to change

    • Orientation towards the future

  • Motivational Soft Skills

    • Perseverance/Determination

    • Proactivity

    • Responsability

    • Self-promotion

    • Result Orientation

    • Resourcefulness

  • Soft Skills of subjective area

    • Concreteness/Ethics

    • Self-confidence

    • Positive Thought

    • Patience

    • Autonomy

    • Energy


Duration: 24 hour total subdivided in 6 meetings of 4 hours each.


The formative activity will be provided applying applicando a methodology basedon the alternation of theorical sessions and use of practical examples on real situations aimed at providing instructions for use and behaviors to keep to strenghten balances and dissolve fear and concerns of clients and colleagues.

The virtual classroom will consent also the use of immediate feedback to involve and to motivate the users. By the end of the course a certificate of partecipation will be released.


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