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Online Turkish course

Learn Turkish with us and choose the level that best suits you!

 The MF Consultant online language courses are specially designed for those looking for a flexible and professional course, with native speakers and native level teachers. 

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Contact us for more information or to arrange a video call together and choose the course best suited to you!

Course Mode and Content 

You will be able to choose whether to do so individual lessons or participate in small groups. Turkish lessons are online and live with the assigned teacher. You can agree on dates and times according to your needs. You will be able to change your mind and postpone the appointment until 24 hours before the agreed date, recovering the lesson at no additional cost. 


During our Turkish language lessons we will have the opportunity to practice with presentations in the language, numbers, greetings, requests for simple personal information. You will be able to talk about yourself, your family and your hobbies, you will go through basic dialogues for shopping, ordering food and drinks in a restaurant or cafe. You will be able to ask questions and answers to orient yourself in the city and understand directions and means of transport. We will have the opportunity to practice describing our house, rooms and furnishings. We will talk about professions and workplaces, we will discuss holiday destinations and weather conditions. At the end of the course you will also be able to make proposals and accept or refuse, describe a city and indicate means of transport, ask for and give directions.

During our lessons we will have the opportunity to practice with listening exercises with multiple choice questions,reading stories with associated comprehension exercises.

At the end oflanguage course you will be able to speak Turkish spontaneously and fluently so that you can manage a conversation with a native speaker. Furthermore, you will be able to express your opinion clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics and current events, both written and oral.



Turkish Course Levels

MF Business School's online Turkish courses are available for the following levels:A1,A2,B1, B2. Below you can download the brochures.

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