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Executive Assistant Course

CEO or Management Assistant

Executive Assistant Course

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The course of Executive AssistantCEO or Management Assistant, intends to develop the skills necessary to undertake a career as assistant to the manager/director, an extremely sought-after and very current profession. The figure of Management Assistant is certainly strategic and transversal within company realities. What does an Executive Assistant do? Not only is he responsible for managing agendas and planning activities, acting as the manager's operational alter ego, but he also often represents the liaison figure between management and external customers, and between management and other company functions.


Even in medium or small-sized companies, the entrepreneur increasingly needs a trusted figure who, on the one hand, is capable of actively intervening in the administration of the company, and on the other represents an element of effective communication with the other collaborators. The activity therefore requires excellent planning skills, problem-solving skills, tact, discretion and excellent communication qualities. For all these reasons, attending a professional in-depth course to become an Executive Assistant could prove to be the winning key to getting a job in this field.


  • The company: work organization and company structure

  • Communicate proactively: the factors that influence communication behavior in the company, assertiveness.

  • Corporate communication

  • Online and offline communication

  • The degree of message distortion and different communication styles

  • Management of objections and critical issues

  • Working in a team and self-motivation techniques

  • Stress management

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Six hats technique 

  • Color profile and behavioral attitudes

  • Time Planning and Day-by-day

  • Task planning techniques - important - urgent - priority

  • Data and privacy management and storage

  • Support for the personnel office

  • The collection of CVs

  • Publishing an advert

  • Tools Google Workspace (formerly GSuite), gmail, drive, documents, sheets, calendar, keep tasks

  • Organize meetings and work events

  • Procedures and tools for organizing trips, booking tickets and overnight stays. 

Duration: 15 hours in total divided into 5 meetings of 3 hours each


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions and the use of practical examples on real situations aimed at providing instructions for use on the behaviors to be followed to strengthen balance and dissolve fears and concerns of customers and colleagues.

The virtual classroom will also allow the use of instant feedback to better involve and motivate users.

At the end of the course you will be issued a Certificate of attendance recognized by Federmanager.


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