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Conscious Communication Course

We all communicate, but are we sure we do it consciously?

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From this question our Conscious Communication course is born, a journey in 5 stages to explore the generative power of communication, to become always more conscious communicators and to build your own personal brand.


Starting by the meaning of the word "to comunicate" , we will treasure the brand communications techniques, we will talk about interlocutors, tone of voice and communication styles.

We won't tell you how to build your own personal brand, however we will give you tools and we will share useful ideas to give voice to your narration. 


The Conscious Communication course is thought for who:

  • Wishes to valorise his own professionality while learning to communicate in a more consciuous way.

  • Wants to imprint an acceleration to his own career path and to undertake a new professional route starting with telling about himself and his job in an efficient way.


5 ONLINE lessons  in the evenings from 18.30 to 20.30 with a weekly cadence

  • Lesson 1 | To communicate = put in relation

  • Lesson 2 | Promise, identity and image: how the brand communicates

  • Lesson 3 | Personal branding: what is it and how to make it

  • Lesson 4 | Tone of voice, interlocutors and communication styles

  • Lesson 5 | Personal branding Lab: share ideas

Duration: 10 hour total subdivided in 5 meetings of 2 hours each.

The formative activity will be provided by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theorical sessions and by the use of practical examples. The virtual classroom will also consent the use of instant feedback to involve and to motivate the users more and more.

Contact us to request information if you want to understand if this course is the right one for you.

We will find together the most suitable formative solutions to your needs and your objectives.


Next edition starts: march 2024

The formative activity will be provided by applying a  methodology based on the alternation of theorical moments and practical examples on real situations. Dialogue, comparison and sharing will characterize the settings of the professional course.

Within the end of each lesson the partecipants will receive:

  • teaching materials used during the lesson 

  • in depht study bibliography

  • format, canvas e tools to put into practice immediatly the addressed topics 

Cost of the course: 200€ iva included.

After the course, it will be released a certicaficate of attendance.

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