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Self Empowerment and Management Course 

All feminine - a priceless value

Self Empowerment and Management Course 

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Leader/leadership, words that recur with an almost annoying frequency in the managerial lexicon. The proposed course intends to contextualize these terms in personal experience, to help understand one's propensity for leadership and one's difficulties, and to support in building a learning path on the topic. Power seems to be a motivating element more for the male part of management. Many women still have a certain difficulty in representing the very idea of power, consequently avoiding situations in which responsibilities and consequent decisions exist. This module offers ideas for getting to know yourself better, but also for understanding the contexts in which you work, trying to decode both power in action and the associated leadership styles. You will be helped to understand your possible contribution to change and innovation, trying to focus on your own prerogatives and specificities. This is the premise from which to start to follow an itinerary that starts from the subjective motivation to become a leader, to face one's fears, but also and above all the values that one is able to put into practice. The basic idea is that becoming a leader, in addition to the necessary skills, represents an internal journey, in which to discover the areas of light and face the shadow areas. If women have fairly typical traits, each woman is different and based on this specificity, by recognizing and shaping it, she will be able to represent a role that has meaning for the organization and that represents a more authentic part of the self.


  • The journey of Ulysses

  • Talent – Passion – Attitude – Opportunity

  • Self Empowerment assessment tools

  • Leadership Matrix

  • Objective assessment

  • Wheel of life

  • Goals quadrant

  • Emotional balance and stress

Duration: 24 hours in total divided into 6 meetings of 4 hours each


The training activity will be delivered by applying a methodology based on the alternation of theoretical sessions and the use of practical examples on real situations aimed at providing instructions for use on the behaviors to be followed to strengthen balance and dissolve fears and concerns of customers and colleagues.

The virtual classroom will also allow the use of instant feedback to better involve and motivate users.

At the end of the course a Certificate of Participation will be issued


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